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Vietnamese food you should to try

posted Oct 25, 2017, 8:03 PM by Vietnam Travel Tour   [ updated Oct 25, 2017, 8:08 PM ]
Pho – Rice noodle soup
Pho is a famous food in my country. it also symbolizes for Vietnamese traditional food. you can say you travel to Vietnam if you did not try Pho. it also famous in some other country. a lot of famous people tried Pho when they came Vietnam.

we also have many Vietnamese restaurant that buy Pho in a lot of different countries in the world.
we have many kinds of Pho such as:
Pho tai: Rare beef rice noodle soup
Pho ga: Chicken rice noodle soup
Pho do bien: Seafood rice noodle soup
Pho dac biet: special combo rice noodle soup with rare, well done beef, tripe, beef ball and brisket rice noodle soup
and many kinds of Pho with many options.
you can also ask for spicy soup. Rice noodle soup comes with bean sprout, basil, lime and fresh pepper…
moreover, we have vegetarian Pho for vegetarian person with veggie stock…
2. Egg noodle or rice noodle soup:
chicken and Chinese mushroom egg noodle soup

seafood egg noodle soup
Assorted seafood with port in a clear rice noodle soup
3. Rice congee, udon:
chicken udon soup
seafood udon soup
chicken/ beef or fish congee…
4. Rice:
“Com suon” is a kind of rice that is very popular in Vietnam.

Vietnamese food
Grilled pork with steam rice
Grilled pork and shredded pork skin with steam rice
Grilled pork and fried egg with steam rice
Grilled pork, shredded pork skin and fried egg with steam rice
we also have Grilled chicken with steam rice, spicy satay beef/ chicken and lemon grass with steam rice or fried rice… moreover, Steam rice with satay tofu and vegetable for vegetarian people.

5. “Bun” – Vermicelli:
Grilled pork and spring roll with vermicelli

Grilled Vietnamese pork sausage and minced shrimp on sugar cane with vermicelli
Spicy Vietnamese beef lemongrass vermicelli soup, “Hue style”

Vietnamese food
and Veggie spring roll with vermicelli for vegetarian people.
6. Appetizers:
Deep fried spring roll (pork or veggie option)

Vietnamese food
Fresh roll/ salad roll (veggie or shrimp option)
Fresh salad roll with grilled Herb-wrapped beef
“Banh Xeo” – Vietnamese crepe with shrimp or pork served with fresh lettuce

How many dishes did you try? Let’s try now….

hope you guys enjoy my post and have a nice day!