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The Impetuously “Waiting” Fall

posted Dec 7, 2011, 12:18 AM by Dong Travel Ticketing   [ updated Dec 7, 2011, 2:51 AM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]
Travellive 11/2010 - Amidst the dark, mysterious primeval forest, the Dambri violently falls from a height of nearly 70m. This magnificent waterfall attracts a variety of tourists and is located about 18km from Bao Loc city.

 From  a tragic love story

For the K’ho people – an ethnic group in Lam Dong, the Dambri fall holds a famous love story. According to legend, a K’ho girl sobbed when she sat at Dambri waiting for her lover after a sad break-up. Many rice harvests passed and she continued crying, month upon month, but her lover never returned. Her tears stagnated and she drowned in them and made the Dambri fall, which means “Waiting” in K’ho dialect.

These days, the tears of her hopeless expectation have become an outstanding attraction for thousands of tourists. The Dambri fall is a part of  an ecotourist area of nearly 1,000 ha in the wild primeval forest. Immediately after reaching the entrance, over 1km from the fall, you can hear the grand sound of the fall revealing the strength of the jungle.

Through the overcast leaf canopies where the sunshine escapes, you start your journey down to the fall along ancient stairs. Following this road, you can visit the Goddess of Mercy cave halfway down and from this place, looking at the fall, you will see a stream of water violently descending from the height of 70m, like the silky hair of the mountain girl waiting her lover. At the foot of the fall appears a small bridge crossing the rocks. Stepping on the bridge, you can feel innumerable cool bubbles. From this location looking up at the fall, there is only a dazzling white like standing in wonderland. This is when you can experience nature at its upmost, amidst the sound of water and grandiose scenery.

On the bridge, a café, which is decorated with green windows, offers visitors hot coffee to dispel the tiredness after a long walk. You can sip a coffee while contemplating the overall view of the fall and look at purple wild flowers growing  amongst the rocks. From there you can continue your journey by taking a trail through the wood to visit the upper reaches or an elevator. This glassy elevator was built for those who cannot walk to the top of the fall. 

An outstanding tourist attraction


 From the peak of the fall, little 10:30a.m to 3p.m, there are animal circus shows, which is free and lasts for 30 minutes.

Once arriving at the Monkey island, it’s advisable to visit Chau Ma village. An elegant Ma girl will introduce their cultural characteristics, such as the emotional gong dance, houses on stilts, working tools and some of the best moments of life that were taken by various photographers and are displayed at a traditional house. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about weaving brocade without using looms and to shop for a souvenir such as a local shirt or skirt. If foodies would like to discover Ma cuisine, they can visit Konia restaurant to try wild boar dishes, bamboo-tube rice, wild vegetables and ruou can served around a campfire. They can enjoy their food while listening to a brook rippling and wild birds singing nearby. At night, you can rest in a sentry box and listen to the sound of natural wildlife.

Located in the area of the Dambri fall, the Di Da pagoda at Da Ton cultural village is an ideal destination for relaxing in a tranquil ambiance. Traveling about 1 km from Dambri fall’s gate, turn right and go straight for about 2km and you will reach a red soil road. Take that road, you will come to Di Da pagoda managed by monk Dong Chau. You can also participate in the many activities of the local people, have vegetarian food with monks, drink tea with master Dong Chau and experience  local life. Especially see how tealeaves are collected from the gardens of monks and local people.

After a long day of exploration, you can take a rest on Dambri lake and take a boat or go fishing. It is possible to sail your boat to the side of the lake and relax under ancient trees.

Further information:

+ Dambri tourist area is about 18km from Bao Loc town (Lam Dong province). Bao Loc is about 120km from Da Lat and 180 km from Ho Chi Minh city. On the way to the tourist area, you will pass by green tea gardens – specifically the image of “tea land”, B’lao.

+ Dambri tourist area has just opened the longest slide in Asia. It is 1,600m long and offers tourists a challenging and cool experience.

+ In the tourist site, there is a fossil cave seated in the third level of the fall. The cave is 50m deep and can contain upto 100 people. On the ceiling, there are many fossil trees in flagstones. Dambri is also connected with two other falls: Dasara fall (about 500m from the tourist site; which is 60m tall and has 7 floors) and Da Ton fall (about 25m from the tourist site and 25m tall).