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The fantasy world of the three Broomsticks Town for whom love Harry Potter

posted Dec 13, 2011, 7:02 PM by Dong Travel   [ updated Dec 13, 2011, 7:03 PM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]
For the child inside us who has always desired to live in a fantasy world of sorcery or to step in a dark and fanciful space like something from a Harry Potter movie, Thi Tran Ba Cay Choi (The Three Broomsticks Town) in HCMC’s Phu Nhuan District could be just the place to make your dream come true. The venue is impressive right from the outset, as the wooden walls on the outside are like an animation tree house. Ba Cay Choi arouses guests’ curiosity with its dim, wooden stairs, brick or wooden walls with dim lights, tiny wooden houses, fabric dolls, skulls, bird cages and spider nets.

Behind the mysterious door is Ngan hang cua cong tuoc Ky Bo (Bank of Duke Ky Bo) where guests can register for a citizen card and change cash into kybo money to use in the town. Pretty sorceress will give guests warm greetings and explain the entrance services.

Behind the bank is Xuong Banh Ba Nuc Nich (Mrs. Nuc Nich Bakery) where citizens can try to make 20 varieties of cakes from bread, pizza, hamburgers and doughnuts. Mrs. Nuc Nich will instruct you how to mix materials, mould flour and bake cakes. Cakes are priced from VND18,000 to VND40,000 and birthday cakes are from VND100,000.

On the first floor is Gac Xep Xeo Xo (Slanting Attic) where young people can chat with friends and enjoy numerous kinds of drinks. This place also displays witches’ objects such as skeletons, rotten tree trunks, broomsticks, pumpkins and a book of spells.

Two girls play chess in Snow Flower Island in Ba Cay Choi Town Photos: My Tran Meanwhile, Quan Bolabala (Bolobala Restaurant) is a place where citizens can satisfy their appetites with many tasty dishes with thrilling names such as Bit tet ham mo (catacomb beef steak) and Hinh nhan the mang (fall guy).

Diners also have a chance to enjoy strange drinks such as bia chua and bia u (cocktails).

The restaurant will make a strong impression on guests by chairs made of tree trunks and wine barrel tables and also on the walls are wine barrel lids.

Food is also prepared by Mrs. Nuc Nich and priced from VND35,000 to VND90,000 for dish and VND25,000 to VND70,000 for drinks.

Xuong Yeu Tinh (Evil workshop) is on the second floor where citizens can come to make clothes for dolls, to wax jean bags or clothes and to make tiny wooden houses which can be used as night lamps.

The room is designed elegantly with lamps in bird cages, giant spider nets, wooden boxes on a book case, bottles of wine scattered on tables with fashion magazines, design and fine arts books and posters. On the brick walls are wax jean bags, images of witches and mirrors.

"I study fashion design and this is the place I love best in Ba Cay Choi where I can enjoy my love of fashion with services and decorations. This town is totally unique to other cafes I’ve been to," said visitor Hai Anh.

Guests to the town, even adults or children should not miss Dao Hoa Tien (Island of fairy flowers) on the top floor. After eating, drinking or baking, this is a place for citizens to relax with statues which you can color with the image of your favorite comic characters or characters from novels such as The Three Broomsticks or Harry Potter, playing chess, reading books and making fabric dolls.

“This is considered as the toy world for children where they can improve their imagination and creativeness with games,” said Nguyen Thi Phuong Lien, a staff member of the town.

In the town, for thrilling or action movies, the 3D cinema named Hang Ma Xo (Kobold Cave) where movie-goers can select over 100 movies. The cinema with capacity of around 20 people is designed for scary movies.

For teenagers, Dau truong rau xom xoam (Bushy beard arena) is a place you cannot miss as they can enjoy playing over 100 kinds of wii games from cooking to playing tennis and many action games. The arena also has its own decorations with swords, bats and supermen.

Those who love animation will love cosplay fashion. Citizens can go to Studio Hoa Tuyet (Snow Flower Studio) to put on make up or clothes like animation characters then pose for photos which will be set in backdrops as if you are in the fantasy world of the characters.

"I am really impressed with decorations here as they are mostly handmade in medieval and royal styles," Long, another guest to the town, commented.

As a financial consultant, Bui Tuong Anh, owner of the town, has been inspired by wonderlands from abroad. As an addict of fantasy stories and sorcery novels such as Harry Potter and Pirates of Caribbean, she decided to create a miniature fantasy world in that town. "Therefore, I don’t name it a cafe but I call it town as it comprises of many places of a town as if this is a club, a society where citizens can do many things," said Anh.

"Services here are built in a do-it-yourself spirit for children to develop their creativeness and other soft skills in order to respect their results," she added. Therefore, the town has become the playground for many children during holidays and weekends and this is really a family venue as the mother can bake a cake, father can play chess while their kids read comic books or play games, Anh said.

The town also hosts events such as birthday parties and meetings of friends or families.

Thi Tran Ba Cay Choi is located at 141 Phan Xich Long Street in HCMC’s Phu Nhuan District, tel: (84-8) 3517 0133.

Source: SGT