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Thailand’s tourism revenue positive

posted Jun 1, 2012, 6:29 PM by Dong Travel   [ updated Jun 1, 2012, 6:30 PM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]
Ministry of Tourism and Sports reports significant gains in tourism industry revenue in 2011 at Bt776,217.20 million representing an increase of 30.94% from Bt592,794.09 million in 2010.

Tourism revenue calculations are not an exact science as they are based on estimates gleaned from interview surveys.

The ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, Thanitta Savetsila Maneechote, said the positive results were possible despite devastating floods in Thailand’s central plains last year.

It reported that in 2011, there were 19,230,470 tourist arrivals to Thailand increasing 20.67%.

Data showed 63.74% of the arrivals, or 12,258,511, were repeat visitors.

Classified by travel objectives, 46.76% or 8,992,983 tourists were on holiday; 3,042,564 (15.82%) attending meetings; 2,851,257 (14.82%) for incentives; 2,395,588 (12.45%) for conventions; 92,228 (0.47%) for exhibitions and 1,855,580 (9.64%) for other purposes.

The data give information on age category, occupations and even salary levels of those who visited the country.

However, the travel industry will be interested in the length of stay data that indicates an increase of 0.52 day to 9.64 days, while spending per head was up 2.66% to Bt4,187.12 per day.

Data on Thais  travelling overseas indicated 5,397,248 Thais travelled to international destinations(+1.11%) and spent Bt122,066.06 million (+0.48%) last year.
Outbound trip spend increased 0.17% to Bt4,505.25 per day.

Therefore, in 2011 Thailand tourism industry gained a positive balance of tourism revenue of Bt654,151.14 million, up 38.79% over in 2010, the ministry reported.  The cost of foreign holiday spend when Thais travel overseas is considered  the debit side, which is deducted from the  inbound travel revenue, considered  the  credit side as it earns valuable foreign exchange for the country.

Source: TTRW