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Tan Da Spa Resort

posted Nov 29, 2011, 11:57 PM by Dong Travel Ticketing   [ updated Nov 29, 2011, 11:57 PM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]

My second trip to Tan Da Spa Resort was in the early winter.Althought this time felt different,it left the same deep impression on me.Perhaps it’s because of the seasonal differences of the scenery or the improved services at the resort.

There are still such spectacular places as Tan Vien Moutain – Da River with it’s natural beauty,the Vietnamese traditional old houses,Lac Viet House reflecting on the lake,Ong Do (Scholar’s)House,Dia Chu(Landlord’s)House,Phu Ong(Rich Man’s)House.All  are hidden behind blooming rose-mallow fences.The swimming pool and spa make a real impression with a close connection with nature and a variety of high-class services such as the steam bath,massage,mud bath,mineral bath,aromatic spice bath and many more.

Despite the cooler weather,Tan Da Spa Resort attracts many visitors on the weekends because of its warm,mineral swimming pool.The mineral water is exploited frim a depth of 150 metres.You will fully appreciate its miraculous effect,which will help wipe out all daily fatigue.Satisfaction is evident on the faces of those who have already partaken.

People now know how to balance between work and entertainment.Their choice of the Tan Da Spa Resort as an ideal place of relaxation is proof.It’s famous not only for the unique warm mineral stream but also the immortal landscape,which takes you to the legend of Son Tinh(Mountain Genie) and Thuy Tinh(Water Genie) as well as the exceptional stories of the poet Tan Da.

The original culture has also contributed to the fame of Tan Da Spa Resort.Son Tay’s quintessence was carved on the laterite entrance gate and Vietnamese culture was engraved on the ancient houses and ethnic stilt-houses.The eating and drinking culture also makes Tan Da Spa Resort special.If lao Cai is well-know for San Lung wine and Pho corn wine,Tan Da entertains vistors with Tan Da wine – an unforgettable taste.

At night,when it’s cold,groups of visitors gather around camp fires drinking Tan Da wine at small outdoor parties with bbq fish and goat’s meat or hot pot.Everyone has different feelings about the value of time when staying here.At 8am the next day,the Spa Resort was crowded with visitors setting out to explore adjacent landscapes such as Ba Vi national Park,Da Chong Tourist Site and Motheres Temple.Others like to relax right in the Spa Resort with a wide range of services that are always highly appreciated.Spa services at the resort consist of massage,Jacuzzi,dry sauna,wet sauna,and mineral soaking with red wine,black beer,cow’s milk or goat’s milk.

At 9 am,newcomers flocked to Tan Da Spa Resort keeping the staff busy,yet always hospitable.This display of  professionalism is also an important factor contributing to the success of Tan Da Spa Resort.

For myself,after having a swim in the hot mineral water pool,I took a stroll and observed the enjoyment and pleasure on the faces of the other vistors.This brought warmth to the cold days of winter.


Tan Da Spa Resor

.Tan Linh,Ba Vi,Hanoi

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