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Talladega Nights comes to Mango Garden

posted Jun 5, 2012, 6:59 PM by Dong Travel   [ updated Jun 5, 2012, 7:00 PM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]
Having just watched Talladega Nights the other day it got my racing juices stirring and as we walked up the lane towards the track my blood was pumping.

Four carts but only one prize up for grabs, I fancied my chances. The opponents were mostly girls but my girl is a motorbike champion and thus she was hot favorite for the title.

In true Will Ferrell style it was a comedy of errors with the unlikely Flying Scotsman roaring home to the Mango Garden go-karting arena crown.

First up was hotboy Linh and Thuy who came a cropper at the first hurdle with the latter sporting bruises like she had taken a beating from a gang of thugs from head to toe.

Then the hot favorite my girl also flew out the traps only to be felled on the bumpy hill of death. I was next up and flew over the treacherous hill into the distance with the last group out, who also failed to rise to the challenge of the first hill, unable to catch me as I received the chequered flag.

The scene was carnage with all three ladies sporting bruises and bumps due to high heels, designer bags and dodgy driving.

Surely the safety officials will review the course after this incident. The ropes instead of a steering wheel certainly don’t help with the driving and it took the underdog summoning up all his might like Ferrell’s character Ricky Bobby to overcome his fear of high speed to reach for the promise land.

Still for VND30,000 for one run you can’t complain and it was great fun despite the injuries. The go-kart circuit is a really popular activity in the holiday resort in Dong Nai Province, with tourists willing to risk life and limb to conquer the dangerous circuit.

Mango Garden Resort in Phuoc Tan Ward, Long Thanh Township, Dong Nai Province is located around 40km from HCMC and takes 90 minutes by car.

Source: SGTs