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Hue airport ( Phu Bai airport in Hue city - Vietnam) close

posted Feb 17, 2011, 12:55 AM by Dong Travel   [ updated May 19, 2011, 2:32 AM by Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh ]
Closing from 5 May to 5 June is to maintain the run way which is now in very poor condition
Airport has to be close because this airport has only 1 run way

Above date is only tentative, fix date maybe changed.

Phu Bai International Airport (IATA: HUI, ICAO: VVPB) (Vietnamese: Sân bay Quốc tế Phú Bài) is located just south of the central city of Huế, former capital of Vietnam.


LocationICAOIATAAirport nameCoordinates
Cần ThơVVCTVCACan Tho International Airport10°05′07″N 105°42′43″E
Chu LaiVVCLVCLChu Lai International Airport15°24′22″N 108°42′20″E
Da LatVVDLDLILien Khuong International Airport11°45′02″N 108°22′25″E
Da NangVVDNDADDa Nang International Airport16°02′38″N 108°11′58″E
Hai PhongVVCIHPHCat Bi International Airport20°49′09″N 106°43′29″E
HanoiVVNBHANNoi Bai International Airport21°13′16″N 105°48′26″E
Ho Chi Minh CityVVTSSGNTan Son Nhat International Airport10°49′08″N 106°39′07″E
HuếVVPBHUIPhu Bai International Airport16°24′06″N 107°42′10″E
Nha TrangVVCRCXRCam Ranh International Airport11°59′53″N 109°13′10″E
Buôn Ma ThuộtVVBMBMVBuon Ma Thuot Airport12°40′05″N 108°07′12″E
Cà MauVVCMCAHCà Mau Airport09°10′32″N 105°10′46″E
Côn ĐảoVVCSVCSCo Ong Airport08°43′57″N 106°37′44″E
Da LatVVCLCam Ly Airport11°56′34″N 108°24′54″E
Dien Bien PhuVVDBDINDien Bien Phu Airport21°23′50″N 103°00′28″E
Đồng HớiVDHDong Hoi Airport
under reconstruction to serve commercial flights
17°30′54″N 106°35′26″E
Hai PhongVV03VDHKien An Airport20°48′12″N 106°36′17″E
Phú QuốcVVPQPQCDuong Dong Airport10°13′33″N 103°57′39″E
PleikuVVPKPXUPleiku Airport14°00′16″N 108°01′02″E
Qui NhơnVVPCUIHPhu Cat Airport13°57′18″N 109°02′32″E
Rạch GiáVVRGVKGRach Gia Airport9°57′35″N 105°8′2″E
Sơn LaVVNSSQHNà Sản Airport21°12′53″N 104°02′07″E
Tuy HoaVVTHTBBDong Tac Airport13°02′58″N 109°20′01″E
VinhVVVHVIIVinh Airport18°44′12.21″N 105°40′15.17″E
Vũng TàuVVVTVTGVung Tau Airport10°22′0″N 107°05′0″E
Bắc GiangKep Airbase
Biên HòaBien Hoa Air Base
Hà TâyHoa Lac Airbase
HanoiVVGLGia Lam Airbase21°02′27.51″N 105°53′09.64″E
Nha TrangVVNTNHANha Trang Air Base12°13′39″N 109°11′33″E
Nghe AnAnh Son Airfield
Phan RangVVPRPHAPhan Rang Air Base
Thanh HóaThanh Hóa Airbase
Truong SaTruong Sa Airfield
Yen BaiYen Bai Airbase
Ho Chi Minh CityLong Thanh International Airport
Lang SonLang Son Airbase
Phú QuốcPhu Quoc International Airport
Quảng NinhQuang Ninh International Airport
Bến TreBen Tre Airfield
Biên HòaXuan Loc Airfield
Binh ThuanPhan Thiet Airfield
Cần ThơBinh Thuy Air Base
to converted as Trà Nóc Airport
Đắk LắkAn Khe Airport
HanoiBach Mai Airfield
Long AnTan An Airfield
Quảng TrịDong Ha Airfield
Tay NinhTay Ninh AIrfield
Trà VinhTra Vinh Airport
Vĩnh LongVinh Long Airfield
Lâm ĐồngBao Loc Airfield
Lâm ĐồngLoc Phat Airfield
Binh DuongPhu Loi Airfield

Notes: Since Cam Ranh Airport was used for commercial flights, Nha Trang Airport has been solely used for military operations and training. All commercial flights that previously headed to Nha Trang Airport are transferred to Cam Ranh Airport. The main reason behind is that Nha Trang Airport located within the city of Nha Trang, so its runway cannot be extended anymore.

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Mickey Dong Hoang Thinh,
May 19, 2011, 2:32 AM