Responsible Travel

Think globally, act locally !

Responsible travel is always in our mind when building any tour program, we try to minimize the negative effect to our environment and maximize benefit to the local people / local communities.

  • Building our products with possitive impacts,
  • Respect local cultures and customs,
  • Use local communities as much as possible, especially the employment and leadership opportunities,
  • Use locally owned services and local products where possible,
  • Use services with less impacts to the environment, 
  • Train our staff to make our activities more possitive,
  • Encourage our customers to support us during their tours such as putting garbage into our waste bin inside the van/bus,....
  • Supporting local and international NGOs and other community-based tourism development projects: Habitat volunteer program to build house for local poor people,...


Look out for our ‘Dong Travel Green’ Responsible Travel Recommendation logo throughout this brochure, highlighting tours and experiences that satisfy our responsible travel guidelines. The Dong Travel Green logo means you can expect the experience to be environmentally responsible, socially responsible and sustainable. In this way, the communities involved are helped in the sense that activities support and preserve cultural diversity while also creating livelihoods in a sustainable manner.