Laos Tours

Laos, the country well-know as Peace Paradise and friendly locals

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic, or Lao PDR, is a country that moves to its own measure of time. Life flows along at a languid pace which mirrors the waters of the Mekong River that flows through the country. Towns are less hectic than else where in Asia and the countryside is a rare combination of beauty and tranquility. Compared to the rest of Indochina, Laos remained largely hidden to the rest of the world for much for the 20th Century. Visitors today encounter an unfussed society with a strong spiritual tradition where the cacophonies of the modern world seem irrelevant. Despite increased international interest, Laos remains the undiscovered gem of Asia. This landlocked nation of six million people exudes a delightful, almost other worldly, charm and reminds visitors of a simpler,less harried past.