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Taiwan Travel FAQ

1/Do people speak English in Taiwan?

English is taught in schools and is rapidly becoming a third major language in Taiwan, especially in urban areas. However, beyond the major cities, English is not widely used. Most major businesses which cater to tourists (international hotels, restaurants, attractions) will have employees who speak English. Many taxi drivers in Taipei understand basic English but it is always wise to advise travelers to get directions written in Chinese (roundtrip). Often, hotels will provide English speaking travelers with hotel direction cards which can be given to taxi drivers for ease of mobility. Restaurants also often have English menus. For business travelers, there are several opportunities to learn some basic Chinese. Although Chinese and Taiwanese are known for their level of difficulty, it is worth investing in some basic language lessons if travelers plan to be in the area for an extended period or plan to return often.

2/Is tipping required in Taiwan?

Tips are not usually expected in Taiwan, especially in restaurants and taxis. However, a small tip for bellboys or airport porters is appreciated (about $1 US per piece of luggage). Hotels normally include a 10-percent service charge with room rates and meals.

3/When is the best time of the year to visit?

Taiwan offers excellent activities at all times of the year. Typhoon season occurs in the summer months, primarily August through October. Yet, overall Taiwan's weather is temperate hot and humid in the summer months. We strongly suggest travelers pack in !'layered!( manner, especially when traveling outside of Taiwan to the mountainous areas which can get cooler due to the changes in elevation.

4/How do I obtain  a visa for  travel to Taiwan?

Contact one several of Taiwan's counselor offices in the United States. For a full list of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representatives in the United States as well as visa applications, visit

5/What is the weather  like in Taiwan?

Taiwan's temperatures are temperate year round. Annual average temperatures range from 68 to 77"XF. Average temperature in January is between 55-69"XF, and 75-84"XF in July. Taiwan straddles the Tropic of Cancer in the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a subtropical climate with four seasons. Typhoon season is from June-October. Taiwan has an average of four typhoons per year.

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